Tuesday, 18 June 2013

NOTD - Ciate Caviar Nails - Cookies and Cream

Well hello lovelies! 

I'm finally free from college!! 
Hooray!! (I hear you all shout!) 

To celebrate my lack of compulsory education, I went out and brought myself a Magazine (and a cheeky McDonalds sorry holiday diet!), I saw Marie Claire were giving away a beautiful Caviar Manicure set with their magazine and so I had to buy it, especially as I was actually hoping to buy some Caviar beads soon anyway. 

Aren't they just beautiful? 

The base colour is a gorgeous creamy mushroom taupe colour and is just so elegant on the nails, I feel very 'adult' wearing it and I'm pining for some nude heels just so they match! I would have NEVER chosen this colour myself as I'm always drawn to bright "Here I am!" shades, but this has most definately widened my nail love repertoire! .... Helllloooo nude nails!
The Caviar bead mix contains a blend of gold, bronze and creamy iridescent beads that have a bluey tinge. 
It's a beautiful combination in my opinion. 
Oh that's a very close, close-up isn't it? 
Okay, so on my nails in the above photo, I have 2 coats of the beautiful 'Shooting Star' polish, and my first attempt at Caviar nails. It's a little uneven here and I did actually touch it up abit later, I also painted a third coat of the Shooting Star as I wasn't happy with the opacity of it. 
The formula of the polish is absolutely lovely (as you would expect from Ciate) and I really did like the brush, it applied without streaks and has a very glossy finish. 

As you can see I choose to only coat my ring finger in Caviar beads as I'm one of those people that will pick at nail polish and fiddle and the thought of doing my entire hand in the beads just seemed like unnecessary torture. (that makes it sound like there is actually a necessary torture doesn't it? Stop being weird Emily
I'm not sure how long this will last and I'm a little nervous about tomorrow mornings shower and how many will come off but we shall see in due time! 

Overall I'm very happy with this, especially as it was a freebie in a magazine. I shall definately be buying more of these Caviar beads and perhaps I shall be venturing more into nude polishes soon?

Let me know what you think! Have you tried Caviar nails? What is your opinion on nude nails? 
Love to hear from you as always!
- Emily xx



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