Monday, 10 June 2013

June GlossyBox has arrived!!

Today has been a very mixed day! 
As you may know today I had a Psychology exam which was very stressful but I think it went well and whilst I was revising this morning my lovely little GlossyBox arrived. I waited until I got back home to open it up so I could spend some time really looking into the products for this evenings post and here's what I got! 

Organic Surge Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser - £8.99 for 50ml (FULL SIZE!) 
This is the first product I noticed and I was instantly happy that it was a full sized product (gotta love a bargain!). This product is free from any chemical nasty's and is animal friendly which is a big bonus! It is suitable for sensitive skin and is perfect for dry skin in need of nourishment!
I love the packaging of this product as its in a lovely glass jar which gives it a really luxurious look but the downside to this is its pretty heavy so it won't be coming on holiday with me! I've yet to try this out yet on my face but I have tested it on my hand and the texture is thicker than I expected but it does absorb really quickly into my skin and isn't greasy like I had expected! You can definitely smell the rose geranium oil in the product but I don't mind floral scents, so I'm happy. Shut up now Emily.

Paul Mitchell Curls Full Circle Leave-In Treatment 15ml - £1.12 worth - £14.95 for 200ml and 
Paul Mitchell Curls Ultimate Wave 15ml - £1.20 worth -  £11.95 for 150ml 
I am super excited to try these 2 out. I was really disappointed I didn't get the Paul Mitchell Shine spray last month so when I saw these and found that they were for Beachy curls I was over the moon! They are a lovely size for travel and will definitely be coming on holiday with me, so you will be getting a review when I'm back home! 

Figs & Rouge Cherry Blossom Lip Balm - £5 for 12.5ml (FULL SIZED!)
I'm very happy that I've received the Cherry Blossom version of this as I really am not a massive fan of strong rose scents (I find them a little old lady like). I love that this is in a tube and not a pot and this is again going to be brilliant to take on holiday! Another positive on this product is that it's multi-purpose and can be used on dry areas like the elbows and knees! I've already used this on my lips as they are so dry right now and it honestly has made a remarkable improvement in just one use. 

Helen E Cosmetics Waterproof Protective Lip Liner - £8 for 1.3g (FULL SIZED) 
I got this in Shade 2 which is a deep red colour. I sadly; as you may know, have only 3 lipsticks to my name, so I currently have no need for this, but I'm sure one day in the future I will be able to use it :) 

Nails Inc - St James 4ml - £2.75 worth - £11 for 10ml 
So this came in a mini size at 4ml which is quite cute and will be useful to take away. I love the colour as it's a pillar box red and I'm looking forward to trying this out! 

So that's it for this months GlossyBox!
I received in total £27.06 worth of products! Very happy with that for £10!
Not got a GlossyBox?... Get one here!

What did you get this month? What do you think of my products? 
If there are any products you would like a full size review of please comment and I will get on to it :) 
- Emily xx


  1. You got a completely different box to me! I love getting these as monthly gifts! I love the lip balm:3 h also did a post on my glossybox:)



    1. I love getting these aswell! Last months was my first and I've been excitedly waiting for this months ever since :D Thanks! I will check out yours! :D
      - Emily xx


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