Wednesday, 19 June 2013

30 Day Snap! Day 19!

Hi Guys!!

Today, my wonderful best friend came round again to drop off these Belly Bars. I got my belly pierced about 2 years ago and after some ups and downs (due to me being silly and buying cheap bars made of bad metal!) its finally healed up and I've been left without any belly bars except the original one that I was pierced with. 
After having a chat with my lovely Meghan, she informed me that she had 3 Belly bars that where to big for her and she had never used and asked me if I would like them, I obviously jumped at the chance as I've got my holiday in just over a week.

And aren't they beautiful, I personally love the butterfly one, I just know its going to look lovely with abit of a tan :D 

What have you been up to today? 
- Emily xx

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