Wednesday, 12 June 2013

30 Day Snap! Day 11 & 12

Hey guys!

As usual I forgot to upload yesterdays picture (this is becoming a habit!). I cannot wait until my exams are over (June 17th at 11am!) so I can concentrate on my blog some more!

This is my photo from Day 11, we have had this Orchid for a few years now and it keeps flowering every year towards the end of spring, I love it and think its just beautiful.

Here is today's photo! I'm in study mode again as my next exam is tomorrow. It's possibly the most boring topic I've ever studied in my life, and I can emphasise with anyone that is having to take this god awful paper tomorrow! (This is my second time at taking this paper and thankfully my last!) 
However, I am going to try and blog today if I get the chance but I cannot promise much, but as always I will be online to reply to comments and answer any questions :D 

What have you been up to today? 
- Emily xx


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