Sunday, 19 May 2013

Review: Miss Sporty Metal Flip Nail Polish - Aurora Borealis

So I'm not usually a Miss Sporty nail polish fan, But this colour really caught my eye in Superdrug the other month, So what better to write my first review on?? 

This is described as 'a two-tone metallic finish nail polish'. Basically this means that the polish looks different colours depending on the light, this particular shade 030 - Aurora Borealis, shows hues of Turquoise  Lilac and Green/yellow. I personally really love the colour of this polish... It reminds me of a Peacocks feathers.

Although I do LOVE the colour, I think the formula could do with some improving, the picture above is after 3 coats and quite frankly I'm REALLY lazy when it comes to doing my nails as I'm the worlds worst at chipping or smudging them! So 3 coats is a complete pain in the posterior.

I did however love the brush, I wish more polishes did the thicker brushes! 

Overall, I think it depends on what your looking for as to whether you will like this polish, If your prepared to wait for 3 coats to dry then this is for you! 
However if your a little bit lazy (like me!) then perhaps this is not going to be the polish for you (despite the beautiful colour!)

You can pick this polish up at Superdrug or online for a measly £1.99!!

What do you think of this polish? 
- Emily xx


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