Sunday, 26 May 2013

25 Random facts about me!!

Hi Guys!

Well as I've now been blogging for just over a week, I thought it was due time to tell you a little more about me!

  1. My middle name is Anne.
  2. My childhood best friend's name was also Emily Ann! 
  3. When I was in primary school, five of us had the same birthday (lets just say they got a little bored when singing happy birthday to us... "happy birthday to Emma, Emma, Yasmin, Georgie and Emily!!" 
  4. I cannot deal with horror movies. When I was fourteen, I watched all the Scream movies with a friend at a sleepover and I didn't sleep for a week!
  5. I study Psychology and I'm going to start a degree in September
  6. I wanted to start a blog for ages, but I never had the confidence to do it until now! 
  7. In year 7 and 8, I was a goth .. this is a fact that I am never able to get away from "Hey, you're that emo kid?!" "I'M 18 FOR GOD SAKE, LET IT GO!"
  8. I'm obsessed with Fight Night Round 4 ... In fact I'm better than my boyfriend at it... and it's his game.
  9. I attended one dance class when I was about 6, I cried... ALOT.
  10. I was attended Rainbows as a child (for those of you that don't know, it's a group for kids to meet and do 'fun' 'Christian' activities... I just remember holding hands in a circle and doing the "oki koke")
  11. I have been with my boyfriend since I was 13! 
  12. My best friend calls me Squishy, in turn I call her Poddeh.
  13. I'm in love with my cat... not in a "I want to marry her" creepy way, but a "I couldn't live without that fat ball of fluff" way.
  14. I DESPISE my college, it is full of idiot footballers and it always smells bad.
  15. I suffer from anxiety and depression, I'm not really bothered about telling people this as it's just part of me.
  16. I'm the worlds worst speller and I suck at grammar... in fact my boyfriend is proof reading this for grammar mistakes... FAIL.
  17. I will never, ever, watch P.S I love you with anyone but my best friend. It's our thing and I honour that!
  18. When I was 15, I thought that having blue and pink Barry M eye-shadow looked great... It didn't. 
  19. I did GCSE drama, when it got round to my groups final piece, everyone turned into MASSIVE diva's and we had about 10 arguments in the space of 2 days... How I got a grade B, I will never know!
  20. After school, I initially went to a local technology college to study Catering ... I absolutely HATED it. 
  21. I have practically no confidence in myself which I believe is down to years of being teased because I was different from the rest.
  22. I get obsessed with things far to easily, I'm currently obsessed with Heroes (the TV show not the chocolates), Barry M glitter nail paints and Pringles.
  23. I only got obsessed with makeup and skin care last year, when I went to Centreparcs with my boyfriend and we went to the spa. I got a facial, then brought some of my beloved Decleor products and I became hooked! 
  24. I received my first ever Glossybox this month and LOVED it. I shall be reviewing them every month from now on in!
  25. I LOVE hearing from you guys, it makes me SO happy and it really boosts my mood!
So that's it! If you managed to read all 25 WELL DONE! Thank-you for reading and if you want to ask me anything else feel free to comment or email me!
Love you all!


  1. As if you have been with your boyfriend since you were 13, that's adorable! xx

    1. Thanks! I know, that fact has started to make me feel quite old as I'm 19 in a month! xx

  2. Well, after looking over the rest of this, you didn't do too bad with grammar! Well done, I'm proud. ;P

    Lots of love from your lovely boyfriend. :D xxxx

  3. Hi Emily :) only discovered your blog recently but I love it! I never normally comment on blogs (I'm so lazy), but I wanted to let you know I'm your newest fan! Love posts that enable you to get to know the blogger a little better - so loved this one!

    Keep going, your blog is brilliant! xx

    1. Hi Scarlett!

      Your so sweet!! Thanks so much! This has actually made my day!! :D



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